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Expert Glendale slip and fall accident attorney

Slip and fall accident are extremely common and can happy anywhere from a grocery store to a public sidewalk.  The cause can be a wet, slippery substance, a crack, an obstruction that was unseen, and so on.  Injuries in a slip and fall accident can range from soft tissue injuries to broken bones.  In either case, its important to get a consultation with an expert attorney who knows how to handle your slip and fall case in order to maximize the compensation for your suffering.  Give us a call today at 323-263-9333 for a free consultation!

What to do if you are involved in a slip and fall accident

Gather Evidence

Evidence from the slip and fall scene can be used to determine how and why you fell.  Evidence can come in the form of pictures and/or surveillance footage if the slip and fall occurred anywhere there were cameras recording.  This can be crucial, especially inside a mall or grocery story, to determine if you slipped on a substance, how that substance got there and how long it was there for.   

Obtain an incident Report

If the slip and fall occurred inside a business, like a grocery store, they will have incident reports that will document the injury and if an ambulance was called.  If you are able, make sure to get a copy of this report for your records; it can be very important later on for your case.

Dont Hesitate to Get Medical Help

Injuries from a slip and fall do not always set in right away and the adrenalin of the even may have you feeling like your injuries are minor or even nonexistent.  Soft tissue injuries that may result from a slip and fall can take hours, days, or even weeks before they set in.  It is very important to get a professional doctor opinion regarding the true injuries as a result from your slip and fall accident. 

Contact an Expert California Bar Certified Car Accident Attorney

An attorney has the know how to deal with the insurance company to ensure you get maximum compensation regarding your slip and fall accident.  An attorney will handle your case from A-Z so you can focus on getting your life back on track. Put your case in the hands of an expert slip and fall accident attorney and increase your chances of getting the best outcome possible.

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