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Expert Glendale Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites and other animal attacks happen more often than a laymen would expect. The fallout to you and/or a loved one that is victim to an animal attack can be catastrophic. Medical bills, physical scaring, and mental scaring are some of the common injuries that may result from a dog bite attack. It is vital that you reach out to a Los Angeles county expert dog bite attorney to discuss your case; giving you the best chance to get fair and maximum compensation for your dog bite injuries.

Real Case Study

Here at Hamoui Law, we had a loving family walk into our office with a 5 year old daughter who had been bitten in the face by a dog at a local Los Angeles county dog park.  The incident took place after the owners of the dog allowed the infant to pet their very large dog, who they said was friendly.  After a few pets, the dog lunged at the infant girl and bit her on the side of her face. In the family's panic, they took down the dog owners personal phone number and took their daughter straight to the hospital.


I applauded my clients with their fast action and having the presence of mind to get the dog owners numbers, otherwise they may have been stuck with the aftermath of their toddlers injuries. My clients were hesitant to even come to me because they were worried the attack could somehow be twisted into being their daughters fault. However, it's important to note that California is a strict liability state regarding dog bites and that means that the owners of the dog are responsible for the actions of their pets at all times. With all their questions answered, we set up the family with our expert team to fully treat the injuries to their daughter, which included a large scar down her cheek.  Further, our expert child therapists were able to calm the child's new fear of dogs.

In the end, all costs were taken care of by the dog owners and the toddler was well compensated for the injuries she suffered on that innocent day she was at the park.

What To Do If You're Involved in a Dog Bite Incident

As demonstrated by my clients above, a dog bite can happen fast and the steps you take can be the difference in recovering what you're entitled too or not. Below is a list of some steps you can take to give you the best chance to recover from a dog bite injury:

  • Note important details down.

    • For example, the date, time, and location of the dog bite.​

  • Get as much information on the dog owners as possible.

    • the owners name, number, and address would be very helpful.​

  • The Animal Control report number if they were notified of the dog bite.

  • Keep track of any and all medical reports and bills that accumulate as a result of the dog bite.

  • Contact an expert Glendale dog bite attorney for a free case evaluation regarding your dog bite incident. 

    • You can call the expert dog bite attorney's at Hamoui law at (323) 263-9333, email at, or fill out the contact form on this page to start your free case evaluation.​

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