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Expert Glendale Bicycle Accident Attorney

California is a is beautiful state and one of the best ways to enjoy the views is on a bicycle riding on the coastlines. In general, riding a bicycle can be an enjoyable means of transportation.  However, riders are required to share the roads with automobile drivers, putting them in danger and risking a catastrophic injury. Similar to a motorcycle rider, a bicycle rider's body is exposed to direct danger if he or she is hit by an automobile and/or comes crashing to the ground do to someone's negligence.  

In the event you or someone you know was involved in a bicycle accident as a result of another person's negligence, you need to make sure to get a consultation with an expert bicycle accident attorney. At Hamoui Law, our attorneys are experts in this area and will give you a complete breakdown of your case and put you in a position to get the maximum compensation possible.  Give us a call at (323) 263-9333, email at, or simply fill out our contact form today for a free consultation. 

What to do if you are involved in a bicycle accident?

As mentioned above, when your whole body is exposed to the danger of a collision, the injuries tend to be more severe and longer lasting. In an instant, the rider's life can change and the shock of a bicycle accident may have you scrambling on what to do next. If possible, the rider should get out of harms way by moving to a safe location and follow the steps listed below. 

Gather Evidence

Evidence from the accident scene can be used to determine who is at fault and ensure your compensation is coming from the liable party. Exchanging the names, addresses, phone numbers, driver's license numbers, and insurance information of all parties involved in the car accident is important.  This information can be obtained very quickly, especially if you snap a picture of the driver's license, and insurance information with your phone.  While your phone is out, do not forget to take pictures of the vehicles and the surrounding scene of the accident.

Obtain a Police Report

A police report can be a crucial piece of evidence a little later in your case.  Police reports may contain a determination of liability and sometimes the police report is the difference between having a winning case or not.  Thus, it is important to call the police to the scene of the accident.

Dont Hesitate to Get Medical Help

Injuries from a bicycle accident can be severe and may even require you to be transported to the Emergency Room via an ambulance.  As mentioned above, the exposed rider has to direct contact to his or her body, especially their head, leave him/her very susceptible to suffer a traumatic brain injury among other serious injuries.  Other injuries might be less severe and take time to set it. Thus, it is important to seek medical help immediately after an accident to get a professional diagnosis.

Contact an Expert California Bar Certified Motorcycle Accident Attorney

An attorney has the know how to deal with the insurance company to ensure you get maximum compensation regarding your bicycle accident.  A bicycle accident attorney will handle your case from A-Z so you can focus on getting your life back on track. Put your case in the hands of an expert motorcycle accident attorney and increase your chances of getting the best outcome possible.

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